Traveling by Plane: All You Need to Know About Space-A Flights

Traveling by plane is a great way to get to your destination quickly and easily. But if you're traveling for military purposes, you may want to consider taking a Space-A flight. Space-A flights, also known as “MAC flights” or “military jump”, are military operational flights that have additional seats available for military personnel and their families. In this article, we'll explain what Space-A flights are, how to track them, and how to prepare for a successful trip. To start, you should know that the military mission is the priority and Space-A passengers are essentially cargo.

To find out which flights have space availability, you can track flights (also referred to as “missions”) from desired departure bases. Flight schedules and the provisional number of seats are available up to 72 hours before the flight. You can also check the websites or Facebook pages of military passenger terminals for information about flights for the next 3 days. When you find a flight that works for you, make sure to register in advance and mark your presence at the terminal before Roll Call begins. Within 24 hours of the roll-call vote for your destination flight, go to the terminal and speak to the staff to mark your presence.

You must mark that you are present before Roll Call begins. You should also make sure that your name is on the list of passengers who are marked as present and who are “competing” for the flight. When roll-call voting begins, terminal staff will announce how many Space-A seats are available and read the names of the selected passengers. When you are called by name, go to the counter and confirm that you and your dependants traveling with you are present. Show your military identification card and that of your dependants along with any other necessary documentation. After roll-call voting is complete, you can go straight to the luggage counter or wait several more hours until it's time to board.

Don't forget that each passenger can check in two bags weighing up to 70 pounds each. You can also check car seats, which are not included in your baggage allowance. Once you have checked in your luggage and have your boarding passes, you will be “manifested” on the flight. The terminal staff will tell you the estimated boarding time, but keep in mind that it often changes without notice, so stay at the terminal until it's time to board. When it's time to disembark, take a bus from the plane to the terminal where you'll pick up your checked baggage. Passenger terminals generally have information and telephone numbers on local rental vehicles, basic accommodations, and other resources.

You can also use UJ Space A Info to quickly search for local information related to any base in the world. Finally, make sure you give yourself enough time: it's always better to arrive at the airport a little early than a little late. As long as you prepare in advance and cover all your bases before arriving at the airport, traveling by plane can be a relatively easy way to get to your new destination.

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