How Long Does it Take to Move by Airplane?

Traveling by airplane is a great way to move quickly and cost-effectively, but how long does it take? The time it takes for a person to make a connection varies from airport to airport and from flight to flight. In general, a domestic flight can take anywhere from half an hour to an hour, while international flights can take anywhere from one hour to three hours. Travelmath provides an online flight time calculator for all types of travel routes. You can enter airports, cities, states, countries or zip codes to find the flight time between two points.

The database uses the distance of the large circle and the average aerodynamic speed of a commercial aircraft to calculate how long a typical flight would last. Calculate travel time to calculate the duration of a flight between airports, or ask how long it takes to fly from one city to another. Sometimes cars and trucks aren't necessary when you're moving. For example, if you are going to move to a distant city where you won't need a car, or if you are only going to make a temporary rental, for example, to go to school, study abroad or get a short-term job or internship, flying can be an easy and cost-effective alternative.

While it may require a lot of planning, here are some tips to help you make it as simple as possible. In general, I try to avoid stopovers of less than one hour for domestic flights and stopovers of less than two hours for international flights. But remember that even that time may not be enough.

Ross Yetto
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